What our clients think about us

Jordan - California

“The truth is there are many Forex VPS services and they are all mostly the same. Why I recommend Forex VPS Cloud is simple. They have the best personal support available. That means everything to me and is the reason for my decision to use this service.”

Jasper - Netherlands

“Just opened a vps account at forexvpscloud and the service is fast and good! Can recommend it to everyone who has an ea and is looking for a good and cheap vps!”


“Last night I tried this service,vps was good and better than vps is owner's patience and friendly manner I will order asap and recommend to all you neeed such good service with excellent support. ”

Brian - Texas

“I got up and going with a forex vps using Ricardo. His support is great, he continuously kept checking back to help me as I had some outside issues. I transferred from another VPS that operated very poorly and tech did not answer for 24 hours. His vps uses linux and I am used to Windows but the emulation works fine and was easy to understand. Ricardo is very helpful. He even set up my MT4 customized to the service I use.”

Merle - Canada

“Forex VPS Cloud is the final vps host that I'll be using for as long as there is forex. No more moving from host to host having to set everything up again after lost profits from failed empty promises of guaranteed up time and fast knowledgeable support. At Forex VPS Cloud, up time and support is not just a promise, it's a way of life. Ricardo, the founder of Forex VPS Cloud, is also a trader like us. He uses his own service and if there ever were to be a problem he will work to fix it like his life depends on it, probably before any customers are aware of a problem. The support I get is awesome. I was having a problem getting a copy of MT4 working (turned out that the broker's server was down) so I contacted support and got immediate response and the problem was identified in minutes even though it was 2am, which isn't surprising since he was in front of a computer checking his charts, not in a call center working for an hourly wage. I moved all my critical copies of MT4 to Forex VPS Cloud and canceled my old vps host, saving over $400/year in hosting fees along and much more in lost profits from no more down time. Vps hosting is a critical service if you're running any EA's or trade copiers. Forex is risky and 95% of traders lose money. You want to join Forex VPS Cloud if you want to make a smart decision that will help and not hinder getting you to the 5%.”


“I just started my first vps with Ricardo yesterday and it is doing good.Ricardo is friendly to comunicate with and he has the patience to guide me through the whole process when setting up as I was totally new to this vps stuff.He is a helpful person.He checked my vps for me to make sure it had no problem afterwards.His supporting is good because there is no hard to get him response.Most important thing about Forex VPS Cloud is that it is not expensive like the other vps out there yet providing good service.It is my first vps and i believe it will be my only vps in future if it keeps up the good work!”


“I was looking for a VPS, then I came across this topic. At first I was a little bit hesatiting to use a linux based VPS. But When I visited the website of forexvpscloud.com a chat window popped-up. Asking if I would liked some help. I asked if my EA would run. (it uses windows get time function or something like that) The support was really great, and setup a test VPS for me to test with. To my surprise, everything went well the EA was working. Withouth the annoying pop-up messages i'm getting on my windows desktop The support I got was great. He helpped me test the speed to alpari uk, average ping is 14ms.”


“I have started a forex vps with Ricardo, using his basic package. Support is excellent and he will personally guide you through all aspects of setting up the vps. The vps uses linux as the operating system but with windows emulation mt4 runs seamlessly. As its not windows the desltop is slightly different but basically the same. Uploading files is done via ftp and works very simply as well. Overall the user experience is good and getting up and running took a few minutes. Ricardo is happy to help with anything you need, as he is a linux and programming whizz he can easily set up your vps to reload mt4 if it crashes etc The vps server is located in France, I tried a ping to my broker, ICM markets at got a time of 114ms which is quite acceptable for me. there are plans to open a server in Canada to be able to get faster times to New York. Overall I highly recommend the forex vps cloud, support is amazing and its simple to use. Ricardo is also a trader so he knows what traders need.”


“Another positive word for this excellent service at a reasonable price. In my opinion just as good, if not better than the more expensive services with a friendly, helpful guy always willing to help with his extensive knowledge. And the support is super-fast. Highly recommended. Thanks Ricardo.”


“First time using a VPS as i usually took the more expensive MT4 hosting option (from other company) in which they handle all the installation and setup for my MT4. After signing up, within 5-10 minutes my VPS account is ready. I am impressed with all the email that is sent out giving all the information and instruction. Support is readily available online to guide me on the installation, setup of the Signal copier. Customer Service: Excellent Technical Knowledge: Excellent If you are new and don't know anything about handling a VPS, Forex VPS Cloud is the RIGHT CHOICE. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO USE THEIR SERVICE.”

Andrew Russell

“The VPS was excellent, but I don't need to use it anymore. Great customer service too!! Should I need it again, I would not hesitate to use it. Thanks very much.”

Marco Gundel

“Hi Ricardo, this is to inform you that I would like to cancel my VPS service. As you have realised I do not use it but this has nothing to do with the fuctionality or your service. You were helpful in the beginning of setting me up and asking me if I would need help. For the time being I do not need a VPS server but will definitely come back once this is required. In a year or so : - )”

Merle - Canada (After 12 months as a client)

“r1do just finished upgrading my VPS to the new server and I'm very impressed, which doesn't happen often. Not only was it a smooth upgrade, but it looks even faster and better than the previous server, which was already great. I've been a user for the last 12 months and can't say enough about this service or imagine how anyone could live without a service like this if you are using any MT4 trade copier or EA that requires 100% up time. Over the 12 months I've used forexvpscloud.com I don't recall any outages , other than stupid mistakes I've made that were quickly resolved by r1do with his world-class, friendly and professional technical support.”


“Been working for the last couple of days with forex vps could support and would like to comment that their support is great.”


“Bought a VPS yesterday - great guy and great support...will definitely recommend this service. Thank you”